There might be circumstances when you have to buy a second refrigerator for your garage, dorm room, wet bar or some small space. Then your natural choice would be a compact refrigerator with freezer. The natural advantage of such appliances is that they take up minimum space in your room yet they provide huge amount of cooling capacity for drinks and beverages. If you happen to buy a compact refrigerator with freezer, you enjoy an additional appliance, which can store ice cubes or serve you with frozen dinners just like the TV style. If a compact refrigerator with freezer is used in a student dorm, this fridge provide more than enough storage space to store food for half a week or more for a college student.

The refrigerator section of the compact refrigerator with freezer provides ample storage space for all your drink cans, tall two liter bottles and other various foodstuffs. You can also enjoy the luxury of keeping frozen dinners to sustain you for a week. Still there will be enough space in the appliance for other stuff. Since the average size of a compact refrigerator with freezer is not larger than an office filling cabinet, so it fits into small areas quite nicely.

A compact refrigerator with freezer lacks in the features like automatic icemaker or water dispenser, but one has to bear in mind the price he is paying for. A compact refrigerator with freezer will generally cost you well under $300 in comparison to a complete refrigeration unit will cost you nearly $1000.

If we compare the mobility factor of an empty compact refrigerator with an empty full sized normal refrigerator, compact refrigerator are easily transportable in comparison to conventional freeze which needs a wheeler trolley. Thus the popularity of mini refrigerators or compact refrigerator with freezer is increasing by leaps and bounds. You can easily bring home a compact refrigerator in all common cars where as you need a pick up truck to carry home a conventional freeze.

Thus there are a number of compelling reasons to go for a compact refrigerator with freezer, although normal full-fledged refrigerators are still in vogue. A student or a bachelor will find buying a compact refrigerator with freezer more beneficial as they eat out a lot. A compact refrigerator with freezer will only serve to store frozen dinner, drinks and other like stuffs for the week.

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