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Haier HNSE05 (4.6 cu. ft) Compact Refrigerator Review and Price

About HNSE05 (4.6 cu. ft) Refrigerator On the market for a new compact refrigerator? Then, you might want to take a close look into Haier HNSE05 (4.6 cu. ft) Refrigerator because it comes with a host of useful features and functionalities that would make a great investment to any home. To learn more about the [...]

Haier HMSE03WAWW (3.3 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator Review

About Haier HMSE03WAWW (3.3 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator Planning to buy a new refrigerator in the office, dorm, or apartment? The Haier HMSE03WAWW (3.3 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator is a great option for that. With the new trend on compact refrigerators in the market, it has managed to stand out from its competition to provide [...]

Haier ESR042PBB 4.1 Cu. Ft Compact Refrigerator Review

About Haier ESR042PBB 4.1 Cu -Ft Compact Refrigerator Compact refrigerators have become somewhat of a new trend in the kitchen appliance industry with more people now opting it over regular-sized refrigerators. If you are shopping for one for your home, then take some time to look into the Haier ESR042PBB 4.1 Cu.-Ft Compact Refrigerator. This [...]

Sanyo SRA1780K 1.7 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator Review

About Sanyo SRA1780K 1.7 cu. ft Compact Refrigerator Shopping around for a compact refrigerator? Then, make sure to take a closer look into Sanyo SRA1780K 1.7 cu. ft Compact Refrigerator because it is one of the great options around. Let us see what are the features that make it a notable investment for your money, [...]

Samsung RF266AEWP French Door Refrigerator Review

About Samsung RF266AEWP 26 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Samsung has been known as a superior electronics manufacturer company but when they ventured into producing home electrical appliances, they were impressive enough such that they easily became the go-to brand for high quality kitchen appliances. Thus, the release of the Samsung RF266AEWP  26 cubit foot [...]

KitchenAid KURS24RSBS compact refrigerator Review

The KitchenAid  KURS24RSBS  6 cu. ft Compact refrigerator is a product released from the Architect Series II from the famed manufacturer known globally for producing quality and innovative refrigerator models. If you are in search of a compact refrigerator, then you will not only get a space-saving solution but also enjoy fashionable furniture with its [...]

Sanyo SR 3770S 3.7 cu. ft Counter High Compact Refrigerator Review

About Sanyo SR 377OS counter High stainless steel Refrigerator When in the market for a new counter high compact refrigerator, then you need to take the time to look into what the Sanyo SR 377OS counter high refrigerator has got to offer. This stainless steel refrigerator combines style and elegance to ensure without compromising function [...]

Emerson 1.8 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Review

About Emerson 1.8 Cu. Ft Compact Refrigerator Emerson is a brand known for delivering high quality compact refrigerators into the market. And Emerson 1.8 Cu. Ft compact refrigerator is no different. In fact, it has been producing rave reviews in the market since its initial production. The product itself measures with the following dimensions: 18 [...]

Kenmore 92779 2.7 cu ft Compact Refrigerator Review

If you were looking for a small refrigerator to be used in your basement or a home gym, then you might want to consider a Kenmore 92779 Compact Refrigerator that is specifically designed for basement and home gym. It is specifically designed with great function and durability with the storing capacity of 2.7 cubic feet. [...]

Sanyo SR-2570M 2.5 cu. ft Compact Refrigerator Review

You won’t be able to find another other compact refrigerator with what Sanyo SR-2570M compact refrigerator gets to offer. Matter of fact, it is one of the great compact refrigerator to have around in your house, which you will be able to use it for any of the location that you desire, such as in [...]