How to choose perfect Wine Refrigerator for you

Before buying a wine refrigerator or counter top wine refrigerator that will be perfect for your needs you ought to know the size, the ideal temperature it should be set to and many other information that an user should be well versed with.

Many a times we try to compare our home refrigerator with wine refrigerator and are astonished to discover many differences. Let us first compare the normal temperature at which a home refrigerator runs. It is always kept well below fifty degree, which is too cold for any wine refrigerator. A wine refrigerator should me kept in and around fifty-five degree. Another notable difference between the two types of refrigerators is that, a home refrigerator is opened many times during day, as food needs to be taken out and kept in. In case of a counter top wine refrigerator, if you open it many times, it will be hard to maintain the inner temperature to the desired level.

Now let us discuss some essential facts that a prospective buyer of wine refrigerator should be aware of.

1. The Size;

As there are hoards of models available for counter top wine refrigerator, one may be baffled to decide the correct size of the wine refrigerator. There are variety of capacity and models available; some can store six bottles where as there are some with the gigantic capacity to hold twenty or more bottles. The question is the space the wine refrigerator occupies. The small capacity ones can conveniently be set on counter top while the larger storing wine refrigerators occupies larger floor space. Although the larger wine refrigerators take up larger space they offer an additional advantage of separate cooling compartments where you can store red wine, white or rose in separate compartments.

2. The perfect temperature to be maintained:

Storage of wine plays a vital role when it finally served. Excessive warmth can be harmful for ageing of wine. At the same time too much cold also prevents the natural process of wine ageing. Another factor is the difference in tolerance level of different wines. A fan of dry white wine or blush or rose should always maintain a temperature level between forty to fifty two degrees in their wine refrigerator. Champagne as well as other sparkling wines should not be kept in wine refrigerator. The stronger wines should be kept at temperature range between fifty two to sixty degrees. Your skills in maintaining the correct temperature will product better end products.

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