Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. compact refrigerator Review- MCBR1020W

Your search for a terrific compact refrigerator within budget for your dorm ends with the Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. MCBR1020W. Packed with lots of benefits like auto-defrost, double door, can dispenser, vegetable crisper are just to mention a few, this slick little compact refrigerator is the ideal choice for small houses and all small and compact areas.

Magic Chef 10.0 cu. Ft. refrigerator The Magic Chef 10.0 cu. Ft. compact refrigerator has a very compact design and stands up to a height of  5ft from the ground level. Thus one can easily put the Magic Chef 10.0 cu. Ft. refrigerator conveniently at room corners. The energy usage is also very nominal costing you around $ 25 per annum.

This compact refrigerator is immensely popular due to its dependability and convenient size. It houses a full sized shelf in its interior. Spacious top corner freezer, larger enough to hold ice cube tray makes Magic Chef 10.0 cu. Ft. compact refrigerator a natural choice of the customers looking for full value for their money spent.

Another noteworthy feature of this immaculate mini refrigerator is the smooth back portion. Thus the important mechanical parts of the fridge are not exposed to dust and dirt making it maintenance free. Reversible doors, two wire shelves and facility to store two liter bottles are some other distinct features of Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. refrigerator.

The following features of the Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. MCBR1020W refrigerator make it the irresistible choice of numerous mini fridge seekers.

  • Frost free performance
  • Reversible doors
  • Can storage rack in the interior
  • Two liter bottle storage capacity
  • Two wire shelves
  • Crisper along with shelf

The Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. refrigerator is available in black, white or stainless steel. It is available in all home center stores. A student looking for a compact refrigerator to keeps his stock of soft drinks or snacks should always go for this cute little appliance.

If you look for customer feed backs on Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. refrigerator on the Internet, you will come across a host of satisfied users who will vouch for an excellent customer support. The trouble free performance of the compact refrigerator has made several customers to go for it again and again. Since it fits into small spaces the Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. compact refrigerator has always been the ideal choice as one of the best dorm refrigerators.

At the time of writing this review this model is available at $329 price tag at

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6 Responses to “Magic Chef 10.0 cu. ft. compact refrigerator Review- MCBR1020W”

  1. cindi says:

    what are the dimensions of the 10 cu ft magic chef?

  2. Cheryl B says:

    totally crap fridge with crap reviews on the Home Depot site. Ours quite cooling after one year. Buyer beware of who is writing the reviews.

  3. Iva says:

    I purchased this refrig 10/12/09. It required a modification (performed free of charge) 8/16/10. At that time the tech mumbled that this model should never have been sold. Today 4/11/11 it died.

    Appliances of this size previously would have lasted 10 yrs or more. I can’t believe it died within 2 yrs!!

    Do I have a lemon? Would you suggest I contact Magic Chef to complain? One year warranty has elapsed but I still have the 5 yrs on the compressor. Is this model worth the trouble to repair? I feel cheated…only 2 yrs!!!

  4. Patsy Perry says:

    My freezer coils keep freezing and the refigerator gets warm

  5. bob tomaszewski says:

    wgat is the amp rating?

  6. Tim H says:

    Chinese piece of crap….all of the ones of this model have the same problem. The defrost cycle fails and the coil freezes up and prevents airflow into the refrigerator compartment. The freezer will remain cold.

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