Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW refrigerator review

Well, it has been several years since you bought your refrigerator and it has finally died on you so is now time to purchase another one.  When you walk into your home improvement store and see all the new refrigerators you feel overwhelmed.  Do you want a refrigerator like you had with the freezer on top, or do you want one of the newer side-by-side ones with a water and ice dispenser?  As you walk the isles checking each out along with the price tag you come to the Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW.  It is what you are considering buying and Whirlpool is a reputable name and it is in your budget range, so you decide to take a better look at all the features this one offers.

The Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW has a space saving ice maker, spill proof shelves and the electronic controls are top notch and it is a side-by-side.

Refrigerator Information

-   Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW a total of 26.3 cubic feet of space to store frozen and refrigerated goods.  The freezer has 9.9 cubic feet and the refrigerator has 16.4 cubic feet.

- Total average capacity is 25 cubic feet so this one is slightly bigger.

- Can comfortably hole enough food for six people.

- Enough space to store all their food even during the holiday season.

-  Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW Has four different color options—monochromatic stainless steel, monochromatic satina, black, and silver.

-  The door has a metal handle and a smooth finish.

-  In refrigerator there are three shelves, two of the three shelves are slide out, and two of the three shelves are adjustable.

-  Refrigerator shelves are sleek and thin, are made of MicroEtch spill control glass.

-  Shelves are scratch resistant and can hold up to 75 pounds.

-  Refrigerator has three drawers, a humidity-controlled crisper, a temperature-controlled meat drawer, and deli drawer.

-  On the Whirlpool Gold GSS26C4XXW door, there is four door bins and dairy container.  Two of the door bins are the size for gallon-sized containers and all four door bins are adjustable.

Freezer Information

-   The freezer section has four shelves

-  Freezer shelves are made of the same thing as refrigerator shelves.

-  Freezer has two slide-out baskets and three plastic door bins.

-  Has an Adaptive Defrost system, which means freezer will only defrost when needed.

-  Refrigerators with this technology are more energy efficient.

-  The space saving ice maker is located on the freezer door, which is only found in high-end models.

-  Ice maker is easy to open and remove to access ice by hand, making it convenient as well.


-  Side-by-side dispenses water, crushed Entered ice, and cubed ice.

-  Electric control panel includes a child lock, freezer and refrigerator temperature controls.

-  Has a filter replacement reminder and light controls

-   To set or unset the child lock, hold lock button for three seconds.

-  To set temperature controls, must also hold a button down for three seconds.

Warranty and Energy

-   The ENERGY STAR compliant uses about 449 kWh of energy yearly.

-   With this energy use, users will spend about $53 dollars a year in operation costs.

-  Energy efficient because it uses 6th sense technology.  Advanced cooling system only costs when needed, which it does by detecting temperature changes.

-   Uses Fresh/Flow air filtration cleans the air in the side-by-side refrigerator and kills bacteria and keeps fresh foods fresh longer.

-   Has a one year limited warranty for both labor and parts


-   New technology

-   Confines spills to one shelf making cleaning easier

-  Have small ridges instead of framed shelves.

-  Shelves scratch resistant.

Although you might think that this is an expensive refrigerator, which costs around $1500, but consider all the extra features and the energy efficiency of this refrigerator, this is a good price for this refrigerator.

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