Why is my mini fridge so loud?

There are a few reasons why mini fridges can be louder than other types of refrigerators.

One reason is that the compressor is located on the bottom mini fridge.

which causes it to vibrate and make noise. most mini fridges have smaller motors and fans, which also contribute to the noise level.

Users Report:

Some users report that the noise level of mini fridge is reduce by keeping them away from walls. (which can trap in sound) and keeping doors open when not in use. However, even if you cannot make the unit completely silent.

there are some steps you can take to minimize the noise level.

First, look at reviews for the mini fridge you are considering to ensure that others have not complained about noise levels.

Next, read reviews that mention sound or vibration. If there are several reports of noise, consider a different model. Fortunately, many mini fridges are available in multiple sizes. so you may be able to find one with the same capacity as your current unit but which is noisier.

Things to Consider while buying a mini fridge:

If you are set on buying the same model.

placing your fridge in the middle of a room rather than against a wall can helps reducing noise.

The refrigerator should be level so it does not vibrate. so check under the fridge for adjustable feet and use them if necessary to make the unit level.

You may want to open the fridge and freezer doors on a regular basis (at least once a day) as leaving them closed.

can allow condensation to build up and drip on the compressor, which can cause damage.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you may want to consider buying an air purifier if the noise of your mini fridge is particularly bothersome. Many models are designed to reduce noise in addition to filtering the air.

If you would like more information on keeping the noise level down in your refrigerator.

read What can I do to reduce noise coming from my refrigerator?

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